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Diane D. Anderson

The Diane D. Anderson Scholarship was created upon Mrs. Anderson’s retirement in 2010 after 37 years of service to Virginia Beach City Public Schools.  The purpose of the Diane D. Anderson Scholarship is to provide assistance to students continuing their education who have shown integrity, a strong work ethic, and exemplary school/school system service while participating in student activities.  The scholarship amount awarded is currently $2000.

Richard J. Schlimgen

The main purpose of the Richard J. Schlimgen Memorial Scholarship is to give students incentive to seek greater knowledge of leadership principles and skills, and to use that knowledge in the service of their school and community.  It also holds as its purpose the recognition of students who have excelled in student leadership while exemplifying high ideals, and providing assistance for the continuation of their education.  The recipient must have attended the Virginia Beach Leadership Workshop; criteria revolve around leadership, service, scholarship, citizenship, and creativity.  The current amount awarded each year for this scholarship is $2000.

Jerry F. Deviney

The Jerry F. Deviney Scholarship was established in 2023 to recognize worthy recipients for their efforts in student activities and leadership.  Successful candidates will have demonstrated efforts to inspire, motivate, and encourage their peers to help create a more productive and dynamic school environment.  The current amount awarded for this scholarship is $2000.

Applications for the three scholarships to be awarded to members of the Classes of 2024 in VBCPS will be available on this web site and on Scholarship Central on February 1, 2024.

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