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School-based Leadership Workshops

  • Most of Virginia Beach’s high schools host a weekend leadership workshop (3 days/2 nights) at a regional campground.  

  • School-workshop staffs are comprised of current students who have previously attended the Virginia Beach Leadership Workshop and/or their own school’s workshop, and are assisted by alumni and teachers.

  • Expenses for transportation, workbooks, materials, meals, and lodging can range from $12,000 to $30,000 per workshop depending on the number of staff members and delegates attending.

  • Student leaders fundraise year-round to make these leadership opportunities happen for their students, but depending on the overall cost, delegates may be charged a personal registration fee of up to $110 to offset the expenses.

  • The VBSLF would like to help ease this financial burden so school-workshop staffs can spend less time planning car washes, and more time planning unforgettable leadership opportunities for their students.

Pictures from various school workshops in 2018-2019

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